David Zyla’s 24 Archetypes

In case you care trying to combine Color Analysis with a pinch of physiognomy and psychology, all leading you to your unique style character, we could try to “put” you into one of the so called “archetypes”. Below are the collage’s I’ve made for archetypes developed by American stylist David Zyla. Which one do you like most? Which one “clicks” with you?

Vital Spring

Early Spring

Floral Spring

Buoyant Spring

Mischievous Spring

Tawny Spring

Classic Summer

Jeweltone Summer

Sunset Summer

Dusky Summer

Renaissance Summer

Iridescent Summer

Spicy Autumn

Mellow Autumn

Gamine Autumn

Copper Autumn

Bronze Autumn

High Autumn

Classic Winter

Soft Winter

Dynamic Winter

Vivid Winter

Antique Winter

Playful Winter


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