Online Color Analysis

Color Analysis done right is the best investment in your uniqueness, charm and the best shopping choices for life.

Would you prefer becoming One In a Million, or do you settle for staying “someone in the crowd”? A color can do that for you.

At Iconogenic we use an advanced proprietory method for virtual color analysis that includes accurate digital draping and even digital makeup application.

As you can see, we offer an unprecedented and most complete Color Analysis service our there!  Contact me today to book your life-changing session.


FREE studio headshot (for local customers)

digital draping in over 120 colors

digital  makeup (4 looks)

all images in digital form (keep the pictures to get better idea what suits you, show pictures to your friends, stylists, your hairdresser, tailor etc)

expert advice on your final Season, makeup and hair colors, jewelry and even perfumes

beautiful E-Brochure about your Season

several picks from your favorite shops (advice, not items)